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NOTE: This game is for entertainment purposes only. No money will be given out at any time.


BYOJeopardy! is usually played in two rounds: the Board Round, and the Final BYOJeopardy! Round. It may also be played with a Double BYOJeopardy Round.


Usually a BYOJeopardy board consists of six categories and five trivia clues (phrased in answer form), each one valued, in dollars, incrementally more than the previous. The number of topics and clues may vary on BYOJeopardy boards. Clues may also be phrased in question form (quiz style) and values do not have to be dollars.

The host introduces the six categories to start the game. One contestant choses a clue. Contestants are free to choose any unselected clue, although contestants usually select lower-valued clues before higher-valued clues in any given category. The host then reads the clue ("He was the father of our country; he didn't really chop down a cherry tree"), after which any of the three contestants may ring in. The first contestant to successfully ring in following the host's reading of the clue must then respond generally in the form of a question ("Who was/Who is/Who's George Washington?") or answer the question (quiz style).

A correct response earns the dollar value of the clue and the opportunity to select the next clue from the board. An incorrect response or a failure to respond within a 5-second time limit deducts the dollar value of the clue from the player's score and gives any remaining opponents the opportunity to ring in and respond. If none of the contestants give a correct response, the correct response is read, and the player who has most recently given a correct response to a clue chooses the next clue.

Daily Double

One clue hidden on the BYOJeopardy game board is designated a "Daily Double" (a name taken from horse racing). Only the contestant who selects a Daily Double may respond to its clue. The player may wager as much as the maximum amount of a clue on the board or as much as he or she has accumulated, whichever is greater, but must wager at least $5. Players may also indicate that they wish to make it a "True Daily Double", meaning that they are risking all the money that they have accumulated up to that point. Daily Doubles are sometimes designated with special tags, such as "Audio Daily Double" (in which a sound clip is played as part of the clue), "Video Daily Double" (in which a video clip is played as part of the clue), "Celebrity Daily Double" (in which a celebrity delivers the clue), etc. Such a tag is displayed as soon as the Daily Double has been selected.

Ringing In

Players must wait until the host finishes reading the clue before ringing in. Ringing in before this point locks the player out for a short time.


Usually, responses are phrased in the form of a question ("Answer as a Question" Board type), but BYOJeopardy allows the creator to setup up the board where contestants can answer questions ("Quiz style" Board type). These can be changed in the Board Info section after the board has been opened to be edited.

Double Jeopardy

A second board may be played which works just like the first round. Six new categories are used and the value of each clue is double what it was in the first round.

Final BYOJeopardy

In the Final BYOJeopardy Round, the host first announces the category. The contestants then risk as little as $0 or up to as much money as they have accumulated, by writing it on a card/electronic drawing board. Then the Final BYOJeopardy! clue is revealed and read by the host, following which contestants have 30 seconds to write a response on a card/electronic drawing board, again phrased in the form of a question.

The player who has won the most money or points wins the game.

Once again, no money will be awarded during this game.

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